What is a mobile pay-per-use tariff?

Don't think twice and switch to a contract to enjoy a more flexible, affordable mobile tariff with more services.

How to download a YouTube video to your PC

You know that YouTube is an ideal platform to watch and share videos of all kinds. However, sometimes we find the need to download a YouTube video to watch it offline or save it on our PC.

What happens if you block a mobile number?

It's common to receive unwanted calls or annoying messages on our mobile phone, so blocking a phone number can be quite a useful and necessary task in our daily life.

Differences between roaming and international calls

We tell you the differences between roaming and international calls.

How to download free music on your mobile

Would you like to download free music on your mobile? Thanks to advances in technology, you no longer need to buy records or subscribe to streaming music services to enjoy your favorite songs, now you can access a wide variety of free music through different Apps.

How to activate or deactivate the geolocator on your cell phone.

Are you tired of your phone always knowing where you are? Sometimes it can be useful, such as when you need to find an address or use a map application, but at other times it can be a bit invasive.

5 methods to remove Windows password

¿Tired of entering your Windows password every time you turn on your laptop?. Here are 5 ways to remove it and log in instantly!

How to change Spotify password

We show you all the steps to follow to change your password on Spotify, along with the tools needed to improve your security.

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