Learn about some of the apps that consume a lot of data from your mobile rate

Everyone knows that, for example, watching online videos has a very direct impact on the data consumed on a mobile tariff, especially if it is an HD video. That's why we try to download or play these videos under the umbrella of a WiFi network. However, beyond the logical and voluminous consumption of data that is produced when watching a streaming video, there are other apps, to which we perhaps give less importance, that also have a significant impact on the data allowance of our mobile tariff. Do you want to know which apps you should be especially careful with? 


  • Facebook.

The social network for excellence can give us more than one headache if we want to stretch our data tariff to the end of the month. We could think that the act of opening and closing the app to gossip about what our friends are doing doesn't consume so much data, but we might not be counting on the fact that we have the automatic playback of videos activated, in which case we'd really have to start shivering, as the Facebook wall is flooded with them. 

However, the solution is in our hands: all we have to do is go to the "More" section of the app, select "Account settings", "Videos and Photos" and "Autoplay". At this point, we can choose "On Wi-Fi Connections Only" or "Never Autoplay Videos", i.e. the videos will play automatically when connected to a Wi-Fi network or they will never play. In this way we will see reduced data consumption on 4G. 

  • Spotify.

With Spotify you have a huge arsenal of songs to stream. Whatever you want, you can listen to it instantly. But that translates into very high data usage. The key is, as always, to modify the app's settings: in this case, if you are a Premium customer, select the option to download the songs or playlist directly to your phone's memory. How? When searching for a track, album or playlist, you can select the "Available offline" option so that the sound material is downloaded to your device.

  • Snapchat.

The ephemeral images app, despite its fleeting quality, is still an outstanding Mb devourer. Particularly because Snapchat loads videos and files when the app is opened, with the consequent data consumption.  However, the user has a setting, "Travel Mode", which slows down the loading of all these files so that our data tariff doesn't suffer. This solution can be found in the "Settings-Menage-Travel Mode" menu. 

  • Google Maps.

Surely it has saved you on more than one occasion when you were driving along a road and couldn't find your destination. The Google Maps app offers precise information about the best way to get to a specific point: the state of traffic and the roads you are going to drive on, updated information about traffic jams, road works and accidents... but all this data comes at a price and this is none other than a notorious consumption of Mb of your mobile tariff.  To avoid this situation, you can download the maps before setting off on your route via a WiFi connection, so that the app is not continually downloading the maps of the environment while you are travelling. Once downloaded, we have to activate the "Offline" or "WiFi only" option on our mobile phone and drive our vehicle without closing the app at any time. In this way, we will be dispensing with updated information, but we will not be burdening our data allowance.You can also deactivate your geolocation at certain times to save battery life.

  • Instagram.

Taking photos, applying filters and uploading them to social networks such as Instagram is a real vice for many users. A vice that consumes data at high speed given the quality and resolution of these images and even more so since Instagram allows you to upload videos. As with Snapchat, this app automatically plays the files when you open it. The solution lies in entering the profile and accessing Options - Settings: there you will find the submenu "Cellular data usage" and inside, "Use less data". By activating this option, photos and videos will take longer to load when you are not connected to a WiFi network, affecting your experience with the app (it won't run as fast) but benefiting your data plan.


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Learn about some of the apps that consume a lot of data from your mobile rate
Learn about some of the apps that consume a lot of data from your mobile rate

There are apps that significantly affect the data allowance of our mobile tariff. Do you want to know which apps you should be especially careful with? Sign in and find out.

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