What happens if you block a mobile number?

It’s common to receive unwanted calls or annoying messages on our mobile phone, so blocking a phone number can be quite useful and necessary task in our daily life.To deal with this situation, many people choose to block these kinds of numbers. But what really happens if we block a mobile number?  

Blocking a phone number is one of the most popular ways to protect yourself from unwanted calls and text messages. Many mobiles have the ability to block numbers, or this action can be done through applications that offer call and text blocking services.  

When you block a phone number, even if he tries to reach you, he won’t be able to. This happens because all calls, text messages and any other form of communication will be automatically rejected by your phone. 

The blocking process may vary depending on the mobile phone. Some devices allow you to block a number directly from your contact list, while others, allow you to do so from an app.  

Regardless of the process the result obtained will be the same: you will not receive more communications from the blocked number. 


Block a number from an Android  

Blocking a number from an Android device may vary slightly depending on the operating system version and the manufacturer’s customization layer, but overall, the following steps should be applicable for most devices:  

  1. Open the "Phone" app: Go to the phone call app on your Android. Usually, its icon is a green phone.  
  2. Go to the call log: Tap the "Recent" or "Calls" button. Here you will find the record of all your calls and messages you have received.  
  3. Search the number you want to block: Look for the number you want to block in the call log or in your contact list.  
  4. Press and hold the button of the number or contact: Hold down the phone number or contact you want to block. A pop-up menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with several options.  
  5. Select "Block " or "Add to Block list": In the pop-up menu, look for the option that says "Block " or "Add to Block list" and tap on it.  
  6. Confirm the block: Then a confirmation message may appear to make sure you want to block the number. Confirm your decision to block the number

Block a number from an Android

Once you’ve done these steps, the number will be blocked on your Android, and that person’s calls and text messages will be automatically rejected without notifying you.


If at some point you want to unblock the number, repeat the steps above, but this time look for the option "Unblock number" or "Remove from the block list" to reverse the action.  



Keep in mind that the terminology and the exact steps can change depending on the model of your phone and the version of Android you’re using, but these general steps should help you block and unlock numbers in most cases. 


Block a number from an iPhone  

Blocking a number from an iPhone is a simple process and can be done by following these steps:  

1. Open the "Phone" app: On your home screen, look for the green icon with a white phone. Tap to open the app.  

2. Go to the call log: Go to the "Recent" tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you will see a record of all your received calls.  

3. Search for the number you want to block: Look for the number you want to block in the call log. If the number is saved in your contacts, you can also go to the "Contacts" tab at the bottom to locate it easily.  

4. Press the information icon: On the right of the number you want to block, you will see a small circle with an "i" inside. Tap it to access contact information.  

5. Scroll down and select "Block caller": Swipe down on the contact information screen until you see the "Block caller" option. Tap this option to block the number.  

6. Confirm the block: A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure to block the contact. Confirm your decision by selecting "Block contact".  

After this process, the number will be blocked and you will no longer receive calls, text messages or multimedia messages from that person. Messages and calls from that contact will be sent directly to voicemail or rejected, without notifying you. 

Block a number from an iPhone



If you ever want to unblock the number, you can follow the same steps and select the "Unblock caller" option in the blocked contact information. 

block a number phone

Note that by blocking a phone number, we won't be able to receive any communication from that number, even if it’s important or urgent information. Therefore, is essential to ensure that we are not blocking a number that may be important to us at some point. 


Apps to lock phone numbers  

Likewise, there are different apps that you can use to block phone numbers and protect yourself from unwanted calls.   

Some of them are:  


Truecaller: This app allows you to block unwanted calls and offers you identification of calls and spam messages.   

This app not only blocks unwanted calls, but also identifies incoming calls, even if you don’t have the number saved in your contact list. Truecaller uses a global database to identify and block spam, telemarketing and other types of unwanted calls. It also allows you to manually block specific numbers, which is very useful if you have a stalker or just want to avoid someone. 

Calls Blacklist: If you are an iPhone user, it will be an excellent choice. With this app you can block calls and text messages from specific numbers that you choose. You can also create a keyword blacklist to block calls and related messages.  

Hiya: It’s an app that offers caller identification and blocking of unwanted numbers. It also informs you about potentially fraudulent calls, so you have all the information to decide if you want to answer the call and/or block the number.  

Call Blocker: This app allows you to block unwanted calls and unsolicited text messages. You can manage your blocked number list and it also has a call identification feature to help you decide if you want to pick up the phone or block the number.  


In sum, blocking phone numbers can have significant benefits, avoiding unwanted calls and messages and providing peace.  However, it is also important to be aware of its limitations and consider other options if it’s an ongoing problem.  


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