International Voice and Internet Packages

National calls + International calls + Internet.

promo bonos prepago


bono internacional 500MB 100Min
bono internacional 1.5GB 250Min
bono internacional 3GB 1000Min

* Includes 1000 Minutes for calls between Hits


Connection charge included. Package destinations:

llamar al extranjero


  • Each pack lasts one natural month. With natural month, we mean that, for example, if you activate the package on 30th of a month, you can enjoy it until 30th of the next month.
  • The package is automatically renewed at the renewal date if you have enough balance. 2 days before the renewal, you'll receive an SMS to remember you to have enough balance for your Package.
  • If you use up the package before its expire date (we'll inform you by SMS), you can continue talking and surfing with your price plan or you can renew it in advance once a month.
  • To renew in advance your Package:
  • Compatible with the Internet Packages, Voice and Internet Packages and with the International Calls Packages.
  • You can activate the packages with any of our price plans.
  • When you use up all the minutes included in the package, you start talking at 0 cent/min to Hits numbers: the first 5 minutes of each call, then they are charged at the base rate of the contracted price plan.
  • Moreover, once you consumed the minutes of your package, you have international calls at 0 cent/min! (See international promotion)
  • The consumption not included is charged in base of the contracted price plan. Please, contact our Customer Care Service.
  • The maximum length of each call is 120 minutes. After the first 120 minutes, the call is charged in base of the contracted price plan.
  • Prices are IVA included.
  • From your Hits Space you can check your Package consumption whenever you like!
  • To cancel your Package:
  • SMS to 22321 are free if they are sent from a Hits phone in Spain. From abroad Roaming charges are applied. See tariffs in Roaming.
  • Check here the international tariffs.
International Voice and Internet Packages Peninsula and Balearic Islands
(IVA 21% included)
Canary Islands
(IGIC 7% included)
(IPSI 10% included)
(IPSI 4% included)
All in One Package 500 MB + 100 MIN
9.90 € 8.75 € 9.00 € 8.51 €
All in One Package 1.5 GB + 250 MIN
19.90 € 17.60 € 18.09 € 17.10 €
All in One Package 3 GB + 1000 MIN
39.90 € 35.28 € 36.27 € 34.29 €
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