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Tariffs to call.
The best tariffs with no commitment to stay to national and international calls.

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56 destinations are included in the tariff! National and International connection charge included!

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  • The best international tariff to break borders and to stay in touch with your friends and family!
  • You can make national calls and international calls to 56 destinations.
  • National and International connection charge are included.
  • 100MB FREE for surfing at maximum speed. Then, 3.63 cent/mb.
  • Tariff without commitment to stay..
  • Prices are IVA included.
  • International promotion: When you use up the 500 minutes of the Pay Monthly Plan, the international calls to landlines of 37 destinations are at 0 cent/min! (Go to the promotion).
  • Minutes between Hits at 0 cent: Once you have consumed the minutes of the tariff, you have calls at 0 cent/min between Hits the first 5 minutes of each call. Then 3.63 cent/min.
  • For the price of the rest of the services (Roaming, MMS, calls to countries not included…) please, contact our Customer Care Service.
  • Premium services are excluded.
Rate to call Peninsula and Balearic Islands
(IVA 21% included)
Canary Islands
(IGIC 7% included)
(IPSI 10% included)
(IPSI 4% included)
500 MIN
14.90 €/Month 13.18 €/Month 13.55 €/Month 12.81 €/Month
Consumption Not Include
Calls National landlines and mobiles 3.63 cent/min 3.21 cent/min 3.30 cent/min 3.12 cent/min
Between Hits mobiles 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min
National connection charge 18.15 cent 16.05 cent 16.50 cent 15.80 cent
SMS 9.68 cent/SMS 8.56 cent/SMS 8.80 cent/SMS 8.32 cent/SMS
MB 3.63 cent/MB 3.21 cent/MB 3.30 cent/MB 3.12 cent/MB
Calls to international landlines 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min
Calls to international mobiles from 1.21 cent/min from 1.07 cent/min from 1.10 cent/min from 1.04 cent/min
Internacional connection charge 42.35 cent 37.45 cent 38.50 cent 36.40 cent
SMS to international destinations 35.09 cent/SMS 31.03 cent/SMS 31.90 cent/SMS 30.16 cent/SMS
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