International Pay Monthly Plans to Talk and Surf


Without borders.
The most complete to National calls + International calls + Internet.


tarifa internacional 3GB 100Min
tarifa internacional 2GB 500Min
tarifa internacional 6GB 1000Min


The connection charge is included! These are the destinations included in the tariffs:

tarifas internacionales destinos


  • Contract now a Pay Monthly Plan and enjoy 1.000 national minutes for free to talk between Hits.
  • More than 50 destinations included in the International tariffs!
  • No commitment to stay. Without restrictions or penalties.
  • National and International connection charge included.
  • IVA included.
  • When you finish the MBs of your tariff you´ll keep sufing at máximum speed for 3,63 cent/MB, or if you prefer, you may contract an extra package. Also query at our Help section how to set up the consumption control if you don´t want to spend anything else outside your pay monthly plan.

    INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION: When you use up all the minutes included in the tariff, with the International Pay Monthly Plans you have International calls at 0 cent/min! Free calls to landlines of 37 International destinations (the first 10 minutes of each call). See promotion.

    CALLS BETWEEN HITS: And, once you have consumed the minutes of your tariff, you have calls at 0 cent/min between Hits: the first 5 minutes of each call, then 3.63 cent/min. (Connection charge: 21.96 cent)

  • Check International Calls outside this tariff.
  • If you have any questions about the price of the rest of services (Roaming, MMS, countries not included, etc.) please, contact our Customer Care Service.
  • Premium services are excluded.
  • Because we recommend a reasonable usage of the service, the maximum lenght of each call is 120 minutes. After the first 120 minutes the call is charged at 3.63 cent/min.
Pay Monthly Plans
International Talk and Surf
Peninsula and Balearic Islands
(IVA 21% included)
Canary Islands
(IGIC 3% included)
(IPSI 10% included)
(IPSI 4% included)
3 GB + 100 MIN
9.90 €/Month 8.43 €/Month 9.00 €/Month 8.51 €/Month
2 GB + 500 MIN
19.90 €/Month 12.68 €/Month 13.55 €/Month 12.81 €/Month
6 GB + 1000 MIN
19.90 €/Month 16.94 €/Month 18.09 €/Month 17.10 €/Month
Consumption Not Include
Calls National landlines and mobiles 3.63 cent/min 3.09 cent/min 3.30 cent/min 3.12 cent/min
Between Hits mobiles 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min
National connection charge 21.96 cent 18.69 cent 19.96 cent 18.87 cent
SMS 9.68 cent/SMS 8.24 cent/SMS 8.80 cent/SMS 8.32 cent/SMS
MB 3.63 cent/MB 3.09 cent/MB 3.30 cent/MB 3.12 cent/MB
Calls to international landlines 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min 0 cent/min
Calls to international mobiles from 1.21 cent/min from 1.03 cent/min from 1.10 cent/min from 1.04 cent/min
Internacional connection charge 42.35 cent 36.05 cent 38.50 cent 36.40 cent
SMS to international destinations 35.09 cent/SMS 29.87 cent/SMS 31.90 cent/SMS 30.16 cent/SMS

They are non-renewable Packages to surf, that you contract occasionally whenever you need them to extend the MBs of your Pay Monthly Plan until its next renewal.

Extra Package
Peninsula and Balearic Islands
(IVA 21% included)
Canary Islands
(IGIC 3% included)
(IPSI 10% included)
(IPSI 4% included)
500 MB 4,90 € 4,17 € 4,45 € 4,21 €
1 GB 9,90 € 8,43 € 9,00 € 8,51 €

Contract it by sending a free SMS to 22321 with the text:

Extra Package ACTIVATION Text
Extra Package 500MB enviar: EXTRA 500MB
Extra Package 1GB enviar: EXTRA 1GB

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